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May 3, 2019

Editors’ Choice: Angels and Friars and More

The Ascension Team

Fr. Mark-Mary of the CFRs joins Jackie and Bobby Angel to talk about the priesthood and married life, while the Abiding Together podcast hosts discuss the power of divine mercy. Find all this and more below.


Divine Mercy

Sr. Miriam, Michelle, and Heather talk about the gift of God’s mercy. In light of the diary of St. Faustina, they discuss how often we don’t turn to God in our weakness and sin because of shame or a belief that we are not worthy. The truth is that God’s mercy is a free, inexhaustible gift that our loving Father wants to give to us in abundance. Listen to podcast …


Priesthood vs. Parenthood

Priesthood vs. Parenthood

Two separate worlds in the Ascension universe collide in this special episode on priesthood vs. parenthood. Or maybe they’re not that separate and different after all. Jackie and Bobby talk with Fr. Mark-Mary of the CFRs, and discuss how “Every vocation requires sacrifice.” Watch video …


Leggings Spark Controversy at University of Notre Dame

by Fr. Thomas J. Loya, STB

Recently at the University of Notre Dame a controversy over girl’s leggings was featured in the university’s student newspaper. A concerned mother–of- four, having been distracted by girls wearing leggings at Mass, wrote a letter to the University of Notre Dame. Read More …


The Activated Disciple Challenge

by Jeff Cavins

The Activated Disciple Challenge will help you to become more like Christ as you cultivate eight characteristics that are the most important in the life of a disciple. It will help you to take your faith to the next level. Learn more …

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