The Identity of Beloved Son and Making Sense of Mystical Writings

Fr. Josh answers questions about what it looks like for a man to live out his identity as a beloved son of God, and how to properly understand mystical writings.

Snippet from the Show

“To be a son of the Father is the foundational identity of every man.”


The Identity of Beloved Son

On the Abiding together podcast, they recently have been speaking about the identity of daughter. And while it has many wonderful points, it did not particularly hit on the masculine side of that question. As a man who has dealt with severe trauma throughout my life, how can I keep close to God’s vision for who I should be as a son of God? What does that look like?


Spiritual Writings 

Hey Father Josh! Love the podcast and how you keep it real. My question is a weird one and not sure what category it falls into and I’ve tried to research and understand but it doesn’t really make sense to me. I have a Catholic app called Laudate, and I try to read the daily readings and do the daily prayer every morning before work. Sometimes in the text after the reading, it has quotes from
“IN SINU JESU” with the date. From what I can find, it means those are direct words from Jesus given to a Priest and he wrote them down. My question is how is this, how do we know it’s real, and is this real/recognized by the Church? Thanks for helping me understand this! Keep up the good work and if we are ever in your area we are for sure stopping by for a Mass!


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Meet Fr. Josh Johnson

While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. Then, one day in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest.

Now, Fr. Josh is the Vocations Director of the Diocese of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. He is a presenter in four of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body, The 99, and Connected: Catholic Social Teaching for This Generation, as well as the author of Broken and Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation, Pocket Guide to Adoration, and co-author of Pocket Guide to Reconciliation.

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