Preparing for Christmas in Your Heart and Home

Preparing for Christmas during Advent is like preparing for the arrival of a new baby. In today’s episode, I reflect on the ways that our Advent waiting mirrors the kind of waiting we do while pregnant and expecting.  Here are three simple ways we can focus on preparing for Jesus this Advent season.

Snippet from the Show:

Prepare your heart for Baby Jesus by going to the Sacrament of Confession and receiving his rich forgiveness and mercy there. 


When we “nest” while pregnant, we prepare our homes and living spaces to welcome a new baby. While preparing for Jesus during Advent, we can get rid of some of our clutter and clean our homes, but even more importantly, we can clean our hearts and souls for him. We can go to confession, forgive those we need to forgive, and look for ways to let go of anger and resentment over the past.


Just like we must choose what we will buy for a new baby, we need to choose how we will spend our money during Advent. What will we buy and how will it add to (not detract from) our celebration of Jesus during the upcoming Christmas season? We also must choose how we will spend our time. What things will we say “no” to in order to preserve our peace and sanity and really enjoy the upcoming family gatherings and celebrations?


Not every moment of being pregnant is bliss, and neither is the Advent season, but there is peace, beauty, and joy in waiting if we look for it. Look for small moments to soak up the season, relax, pray, and connect with Jesus, even in the midst of the crazy-busy times ahead.


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