How to Banish FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO or “fear of missing out” describes the times we feel left out or like we’re not measuring up to others.

For many, it happens through social media. We feel like we need to be on social media in order to stay attached and plugged in. But as you continue to scroll, you become aware of events and accomplishments in other people’s lives and begin to wonder why they aren’t happening for you.

We all can fall prey to the temptation of paying too much attention to other people’s lives. This attention can make us insecure or jealous, and it almost always distracts from where we should be focusing—on our own vocation and calling.  

This week, I’m sharing some simple ways we can combat FOMO in our lives and online.

I also share some feedback from listener Kerry who is looking for tips to keep her home clean and clutter-free after the holidays. Have an idea to share? Comment below!

Snippet from the Show

If I make a conscious efforts to “like” other people’s posts and leaving genuine comments of praise for the good things God is doing in their life, I come away feeling uplifted, positive, and encouraged.


1. Focus on your own blessings.

When we focus on other people’s details, we forget to give thanks for our very own blessings, gifts, talents, and opportunities. We tend to take those for granted, but focusing on the ways in which God is blessing you and calling you to him right now is an effective way to intervene when FOMO shows up.

2. Pray.

Prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving will be a natural response to focusing on your own blessings. You can also turn to God in prayer, asking for proper perspective on your life and calling and asking for the grace to do God’s will for you.

3. Be generous.

Turning your focus away from yourself and toward others can be a helpful way to combat FOMO. When you notice something good about someone else or some way in which they are blessed, give them a compliment!

Sometimes we fall into the trap of being stingy with our praise for others because we believe the lie that God’s blessings are scarce. If we build someone else up, we diminish from ourselves.

Challenge this lie!

Be generous in your words and actions with others.

4. Invite someone to something.

Not invited to events? No problem? Make your own events. This might mean inviting someone into your home or setting a group at your parish, but it also might mean starting or hosting a discussion or community online. Make your own stuff and be a blessing to others when you invite them to it!

5. Dive into you own stuff.

Whether it’s work projects or relationships with friends and family, what we do each day is always improved when we focus on it, rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted by others.

Have you ever gotten very busy with family events or work projects, only to realize later that you haven’t worried about social status or logged onto social media for a while? It feels good to engage in meaningful, real-life ways.

6. Realize no one really misses you on social media.

Get your perspective straight. Even if you are a social media rock star, even if you are an amazing talent and blessing to multiple people through your interactions online, none of that is more important than your real life.

Focus on the people you are irreplaceable to to—for most of us, that means family and close friends.



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