How Fasting Can Help Your Marriage (with Colleen Duggan)

Author Colleen Duggan joins us for today’s show, sharing about some of the surprising ways that the practice of fasting has blessed her marriage. We have talked about some of the spiritual benefits of fasting before, but Colleen is passionate about its strength as a spiritual tool specifically for marriage. 

Connect with Colleen Duggan:
Colleen’s website
Colleen’s book: Good Enough Is Good Enough
Colleen’s contributions at CatholicMom

Snippet from the Show
“The emptying makes us realize the abundant life that we have.”

Listener Feedback

At the end of today’s show, I shared a little bit of feedback from Katherine, a listener who has a son who was born without an immune system. She shares these quick tips for social distancing as a family:

No matter how choppy the waves are, we are safe with Him. 

The sense of order in the home is calming.

There is a lot of heaviness and anxiety with this lifestyle. Laughter helps a lot! 

Stay connected
Every Friday Jeff has a guys night and Saturdays are all mine to connect with friends.

Be Gentle with Yourself
If you need to sit and look outside instead of do another load of laundry or push pause on discussing a difficult decision, listen to yourself!

Be a Team 
In some ways we are like plants, each in need of varying amounts of water and sunlight. Learning what kind of plant the other person is makes for many more smiles.

Especially when I catch my mind spiraling, stopping and naming moments to be grateful for puts wind back in the sails.

Live in the Moment 
The present moment is where God’s grace meets us. Sometimes it’s one day at a time and some days it’s one minute at a time.

The less I own, the more time I have for other things. Looking at a clean room isn’t always possible, but oh it is nice!

Those endorphins are gold! 

Know that I am praying for you and your family in the days and weeks that lie ahead!

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