Charity Begins at Home: A Cliche Because it’s True

It’s easy to be charitable to people we don’t see very often, but if we really want to grow in this virtue, we have to make sure that charity begins at home.

Home is the place where you want to let your guard down and relax, so it’s easy to get annoyed when family members disturb that peace.

When Colin found himself getting irritated with his daughter about a really minor problem, he realized the necessity of being more charitable toward his family.

We can apply the three steps from last week’s episode to grow in charity: look, listen, and challenge.

Meet Your Host, Colin MacIver:

Colin MacIver, host of the Tightrope podcast, with his family

Colin is an enthusiastic transplant to vibrant Louisiana, where he lives with his beautiful wife Aimee and two energetic children, Leo and Zélie. His juggling act involves being a husband, a dad, a teacher, a youth minister, a musician and a national Ascension content creator and trainer.

In his spare time, he eats too many crawfish, savors king cake, plays one-on-one kickball with his son, and tries, for the life of him, to properly load the dishwasher.

Check out Colin’s latest work with Ascension:  Power and Grace: A Guide to the Catholic Sacraments and Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike.

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