Be My Guest: Fr. Mark Toups on Advent and the Beauty of Mary and Joseph’s Marriage

Fr. Mark Toups joins Fr. Josh to discuss the beautiful marriage of Mary and Joseph and how they can help us prepare this Advent for the birth of Jesus.


“If every priest loved the Church the way Joseph loved Mary everyone would want to be Catholic.”


Rejoice! Advent Meditations with the Holy Family

Rejoice! Advent Meditations with the Holy Family is a prayer resource with daily meditations that will enrich your Advent by inviting you to experience the first Advent with Joseph and Mary, as they await the birth of their son, the Savior of the world.

Together with the guided meditation videos, this journal will help you to see the marriage of Mary and Joseph in a new light. You will ponder what was in their hearts and minds as they awaited the birth of Jesus—and you will be invited to reflect on and deepen your own relationships with others. Rejoice! will help you open your heart to the peace and joy of the Holy Family as you prepare for the coming of Jesus this Christmas. Order Now!

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Join Fr. Mark Toups for Rejoice! LIVE – Sundays in Advent

Beginning on Sunday November 29th at 8PM ET

This year on the Sundays in Advent, we invite you to Rejoice! LIVE with Fr. Mark Toups as he joins us LIVE via Ascension’s YouTube page. We’ll be coming together to share in the beautiful tradition of the Advent wreath to pray, unpack the Sunday Scripture reading, and prepare our hearts for the coming week of Advent.

Each Sunday Father will begin by leading us together in lighting the Advent wreath and praying the prayers found on the backs of the Rejoice! Advent Prayer Cards. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • November 29th 8PM ET – The Blessing of the Advent Wreath and Lighting of the First Candle
  • December 6th 8PM ET – The Lighting of the Second Candle
  • December 13th 8PM ET – The Lighting of the Third Candle
  • December 20th 8PM ET – The Lighting of the Fourth Candle


Meet Fr. Josh Johnson

While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. Then, one day in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest.

Now, Fr. Josh is the Vocations Director of the Diocese of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. He is a presenter in four of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body, The 99, and Connected: Catholic Social Teaching for This Generation, as well as the author of Broken and Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation, Pocket Guide to Adoration, and co-author of Pocket Guide to Reconciliation.

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  1. I’m disappointed that I was not able to find the video with reflections that go with the book “Rejoice! Advent Meditations with the Holy Family.” Can you send me the link, please?


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