In this episode of the Abiding Together Podcast, we discuss the power of living a forgiving life, especially when it comes to parenting children, and how unforgiveness in our life can keep us in bondage, and stems from a wound that needs healing. We talk about how sometimes forgiveness feels like we are letting people off the hook, instead of it being a willingness to release our grasp and open ourselves up to God’s grace.

“Forgiveness is the restoration of freedom to oneself; it is the key held in our own hand to our prison cell” -St. John Paul the Great

One Thing We Love this Week

Discussion Questions 

  1. What is one area where you are finding it hard to offer forgiveness?
  2. Sister Miriam quotes this “resentment is like drinking a little bit of poison every day and hoping the other person dies.” Discuss this truth in your own life.
  3. How can you model a life of forgiveness? If you have children, how can you teach your children about forgiveness?
  4. How have you experienced the mercy of God in your life?

Journal Questions

  1. Who in your life do you need to offer forgiveness to? What is holding you back from this?
  2. Journal about how you have felt God’s mercy in your own life
  3. How have I hurt people in my life and need to ask for forgiveness? In what ways can I restore the relationship?

Quote to Ponder

“Forgiveness is the restoration of freedom to oneself, it is the key held in our own hand to our prison cell” – Saint Pope John Paul II

Scripture for Lectio Divina – Matthew 6:12

“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us”

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  1. Dear Sr. Miriam, Michelle, and Heather,

    I am not one of your young adult listeners. Rather, my spiritual granddaughter told me about your podcasts; and I have found them quite good, today, in particular, resonates loudly in my heart.

    With that in mind, may I ask a question of Sr. Miriam. I am 71 years old, sexually abused not only by my father; but given by him to a cult. All of this at the age of 4 – 6, ending up with me having MPD and a life of mental illness, temporarily stopping at the age of 59. Fast forward to 2017 and having to go through healing ministry with a diocesan bishop and priests, revealing the fact of the cult involvement. My question to you, Sr. Miriam, is how to forgive persons or people you do not know; but programmed you to self-destruct, deny your faith and anything spiritual; and only by the grace of God did you find help for this. With the rites, it was very often said forgiveness is key; but how, as I said, when you do not know them?

    Thank you so much for this very important topic today.


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