Ministry Minutes: What Kind of Leader Are You?

As a leader, are you like Kanye, or are you like Jesus?

When Kanye West was interviewed in 2013 by the New York Times, he told the reporter, “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.” Allen says this is the worst mantra for anybody working in the Church, but it seems like there have been plenty of undercover Kanye Wests who have infiltrated the Church at so many levels.

Here’s what we have to remember: if we want to change things and influence things, we need to be the type of leader whose main priorities aren’t gaining influence and credibility and being relevant. We need to be leaders and support leaders who imitate Christ. He gained both popularity and notoriety, but never once made a decision based off of what others were going to think about him. Christ had one purpose—doing his Father’s will.


Snippet from the Show

If we want to change things and if we want to influence things, we need to be leaders whose main priorities aren’t gaining influence and credibility and being relevant.

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  1. Vast numbers of people are led astray all the time. There are people who want to change things and people who follow. Hitler wanted to make a difference and he did and we see Trump’s lead in destroying the legitimacy of our democracy for his own fame and objectives. It isn’t the ones who want to be gods that are the complete problem. In Trump’s case he entices people with division and hate. There are certainly a lot of them out there because he got nearly 50% of the vote. Yes, there are a few that believe he cares about abortion but he really just wants their support. Cross him and he will drop you like he dropped hundreds of people from his white house staff that disagreed with him from time to time. He wants absolute support, absolute agreement, absolute power, much like President Putin.


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