All About Living a Chaste Life (Even after Lost Virginity)

In today’s episode, Father Josh answers questions about the call and the challenge to pursue a chaste life. He answers a question from a mother who suspects her son is gay, a young woman who wants to enter the religious life but lost her virginity in college, and a listener looking for recommended chastity speakers. 

Snippet from the Show

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.   

My Son Might Be Gay

Father Josh,

We love our son unconditionally. The struggle is not our love for our son but the struggle he will have. We suspect that he is gay. He has not told us, but we don’t want to confront him, but do not want him to feel he has to hide. We raised him Catholic and know he has an incredible love of people and is so kind. My fear is the teaching of the church will push him away from it.

He deserves to be loved and have a family. Besides loving him how can we help him and walk with him?

He is a good beautiful man.

Thank you

Are there any Catholic African American speakers who speak about Chastity? 

I want my grandchildren to see people who look like them speak about the call to chastity. Do you have any recommendations? 

Which John Wrote the Book of Revelation?

Dear Father Josh, Which John wrote the Book of Revelation?  John the Baptist, John the apostle? My brother and I were discussing and weren’t sure if the Catholic Church specifically states which John wrote it. Thank you for all you do to spread the Good News!! Your choice to do so is a blessing! Thank you, Anonymous. 

Can I be a religious sister if I lost my virginity? 

Fr. Josh!!! First things first I wish I could’ve run into you at SLS because I wanted to personally thank you for all of the things that you do for your podcast and all the things it’s done for me. It is crazy how God uses you, like literally whenever I get a question in my head about our faith, usually the next episode is the answer, or the person is going through the same thing as me, like the scrupulosity episode. You’re so cool dawg!! Anyway, my question involves religious life. Personally I feel that God has sent me an invitation to be a sister since I was 6, but I have never really accepted the call until now at 22. However in college I made bad decisions involving the use of drugs and alcohol, but my biggest regret of all was a relationship where I gave away my virginity. Although for the past 2.5 years I restored my faith in Jesus Christ and completely changed my life—surrendering it to him, I still find myself in the heap of regret, and somehow it will prevent me from entering into religious life. I feel like giving away my virginity prevents Christ from entering into divine intimacy with me fully. I feel as if my chances of being a sister are almost gone, if that makes sense? I am still discerning married life as well, but this invitation draws me more than ever before. I just have so much fear that my mistakes messed up everything. Anyway, GO TIGERS AND YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING LIGHT!! Keep singing!!



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