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Jul 25, 2019

Meet the Presenters of the 99: Bob Lesnefsky

Bob Lesnefsky

Meet Bob Lesnefsky, a presenter in The 99, Ascension’s new system for evangelization, and the next disciple of Christ in our blog’s Meet the Presenters series.

Bob, also known as “Righteous B”, is a Catholic rapper who has been a unique leader and voice in Catholic youth ministry for twenty years. His evangelization style seeks to incorporate popular culture as a means to bring youth closer to Christ, living by the motto, “Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use rap.” 

He started Vagabond Missions in 2005, serving inner-city youth in cities all over the country. Along with his music and youth ministry career, Bob is a husband and father of seven. out his story below.

Find out more about his story below.

1. When did you first feel called to evangelize?

In high school I fell in love with Jesus and had a burning desire to tell others about him. I even remember going to the mall and trying to talk to people about Jesus.

2. Do you remember the first time you stepped forward and shared the gospel with someone?

The first time I tried to talk to someone about Jesus was at my lunch table in high school. I made it a point to pray out loud before I ate and people thought that was kind of weird but it gave me an opportunity to talk to them about God.

3. How has your life changed since then?

Now my life is wrapped up in evangelization. I have fallen in love with it. Getting to see someone meet God is the coolest gift ever. Vagabond Missions is all about putting boots on the ground to invite people, sometimes very unlikely people to that encounter with the Lord.

4. Have there been any particularly memorable moments in your life as an evangelist?

When we first started Vagabond Missions, we would hang out in the projects all day. It was grueling, heartbreaking stuff. But it was an awesome, uncharted adventure.

5. How has evangelization brought you closer to God?

Evangelization is always bringing me close with the Lord because he is present on my lips and in my mind. Whenever you have a chance to tell your engagement story, or about the birth of your first child, or the legacy of a loved one—you feel closer to that person by remembering.  Evangelization is kind of like that …

What are your thoughts? Do you have an interesting journey of faith to share? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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