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Apr 17, 2014

5 of the Most Valuable Gifts You Could Ever Give

Emily Cavins
Woman with gift packages

Now that we are moving from Lent toward Easter and the joy of spring, we automatically turn our thoughts to filling Easter baskets, and buying gifts for Mother’s Day and for the bevy of sacraments being celebrated – everything from Communion to Ordinations.

Birthdays, Graduations, First Holy Communions, Christmas…for every time and season, there are some gifts you can share which will never go out of style, and never lose their value.

No Dusting These Gifts

In light of my Lenten penance of cleaning out closets and the garage, I am reconsidering what I can do to avoid the problem of accumulating too many things (and giving too many things to others, as well).

In the area of gift giving, you might consider giving intangible gifts when possible. For example:


A basket of food of items you know your loved one will eat.


Donate money to a charity on someone’s behalf. (That was one of my husband’s favorite presents — to have money given to a homeless shelter.)


When you mothers are asked, “What do you want for Mother’s Day or your birthday?”, ask for something intangible, like a picnic lunch by a lake, or a movie, or a visit to an art exhibit…things you will enjoy and remember, but won’t have to dust two months later.

Inspirational Intangibles


Another gift idea that we have received we found very special was when we received a card, telling us when and where a Mass was being said for us. It made us feel connected to the Body of Christ even while standing in the kitchen opening the mail.


Inspirational books and CD’s are always a good idea to help feed the soul, especially if you encourage the receiver to pass it on.

As you think about the upcoming reasons to celebrate gift-giving occasions, remember above all to give life, love and time.

Because, in the end, that is so much more valuable than anything material.

What are your thoughts or suggestions on gift-giving? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Yes, I’ve found that some of the most precious memories come from those intangible items. Rather than gathering dust, breaking, or (like the chocolate bunnies) get eaten, the memories remain… in our hearts.

    This Easter, let us remember the greatest gift from the Greatest One… our Savior, who gave His life for us. Thank you Jesus! We praise You and bless You and strive to be like You!

    Happy Easter to everyone. He is risen! Alleluia!!

  • Very good choices for gifts. Unfortunately, I have alternative a unique one. I used to donate potted plants for church garage sale.
    This time, I intend to visit a needy neighbor and look around at his yard and land spaces. I usually suggest to plant orchard or fruit bearing trees especially and scientifically propagated for early bearing fruits for use and sale of it produce by the family. When you plant a tree, you usually don’t expect to benefit you, but having in mind the next generation to come like after 15-20 year. So the only motivation to do this is nothing but pure love of humanity.

  • Marianne is so right about the intangible gifts and items. With my mother being so severely brain damaged, the memories of the intangible gifts remain in my heart, even though she has forgotten. In her current state, she is unable to give tangible presents, but every now and then, she gives me (through God’s grace) intangible gifts beyond price. Occasionally and without warning, she is as she was before the stroke (only for a few moments) discussing my progress in learning to drive or on another issue. Other times there is a sudden precious intangible gift from that only a mother can give to her daughter. How I wish my brothers had the same blessing, so that they could see her as she really is, instead of the exterior. The most precious gifts are intangible because they are gifts of genuine selfless love. The same intangible gift God gave us in Jesus.

    • God bless you, Avila, that you can see your mom as God sees her. May you continue to value the precious moments as they come.
      My mom lived in another state so I wasn’t able to be with her in the last years of her life. I’m ever grateful that my sister cared for her and kept her at home in spite of the challenges. At least I have my memories of my phone calls to her. I know my sister appreciated that I called regularly. My husband used to ask, “what did you talk about?” and I’d say, “oh nothing” because it really was nothing. She’d often repeat herself but I didn’t care. What mattered is that we “connected”.

      On another note, I had a visitor on my back deck over the weekend… a mourning dove! She was sleeping on my glider. Someone told me, “only you would have a dove resting on your glider”. And she appeared again on Easter morn…

      With prayers for blessings and peace, Mar

  • My mother loves her yard/garden, so we give her gift certificates to our wonderful, local nursery. Then she gets the enjoyment of choosing the plants, the enjoyment of planting them, and then enjoying them in her yard.

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