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Mar 25, 2014

If God Asked You for Your Trust, Could You Give it to Him?

Jeff Cavins


We live in a country where we “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps”, where we make something of ourselves. This attitude of total dependance on ourselves often replaces a total dependance on God, however, and we find ourselves relying on our own wit and wisdom, rather than trusting in God’s providence.

How do we grow in faith and trust? Jeff Cavins offers valuable insight on growing in trust.

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  • Thank you Jeff for this wonderful series and all the wonderful inspirational sessions and talks you and the rest of the staff provide throughout the year. These talks certainly help to keep me focused and constantly thinking about Our Lord and how I can be all he wants me to be. Thank you so much and may God bless you always.

  • I like to use imagery to help me grow in my faith and trust in God…The following is one that I use to help me remember to rely on God….

    Much of what we seem to do,
    Is determined by each cluttered clue.
    Let us, instead, put God in the driver’s seat,
    And we, as the passenger, complete the feat.
    Then our days will be ordered by God,
    And we will have grace where-e’er we trod.

  • I saw on a billboard somewhere, “If God is your copilot, switch seats!”

    Sometimes, trusting in God is the hardest thing to do. We trust Him, but… we see things as mere mortals see. We forget that He does the impossible.

    I can attest to the power of daily prayer. In a sense, I gave up the selfishness of “worry” for Lent, choosing to focus on the more dire needs of others rather than myself. God has a break for 40 days from listening to me worrying and bemoaning, how will I make ends meet? I’ve put my trust in Jesus, and once again, my prayers are being answered.

    A couple months ago, I obtained the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I was sitting on the sofa in my “prayer spot”, praying the Rosary. On the THIRD DAY, some time during the fourth decade (“the carrying of the cross”) I looked out the window. And through the bare twin trunks of the dogwood, I saw across the street in the woods… a wooden cross! A tree had fallen at just the right angle. It wasn’t there before! This was not the first time this has happened to me. When I see images in the beauty of God’s creation, it is a vivid reminder to me that Jesus is right here… with me…

  • As I have just turned 65 few days ago, I have quite experienced life not only in my home country but also in the many places in the region of Oceania and America. In all the time and places I’ve gone through in my life I admit that there were many times that I have lapsed with the presence of God in the exercise of my profession as accountant and rely solely in my own expertise and ingenuity as had been the context of this secular world mostly taught. But it is not what I like to do!! As I get back to my own senses and presence of those days when I repeatedly promised God not to allow me the profession of a certified public accountant unless He will used me for goodness work that benefits humans, I am sincerely and deeply remorseful I have sinned and forgot God.

    December 1972 is the great turning point of of my life in the life of my promised to God when the three consecutive Sundays of CPA Board examination was give and God allowed me to pass the board exam and that made me a professional accountant. That follows a vigilant and more careful but stressful exercise of my work in fighting the many temptations in my work and at the end I considered myself successful to win goodness against the evil of this world despite lapsed in God in few occasion but God continue to guide me and did not leave me.

    The business ethics and the rules and regulations of accounting profession is very much godly, the reason why in America, the only profession in general to be considered as with the dignity and reputation is not Attorney, not a Doctor, not a businessman, etc., but a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

    In one of this occasion in my prayer life these days, as I made reflection and meditation I have seen myself in capsule summary that what I am today now that I am retired person and as crippled

    still struggling to be with God is the long summary in following Christ. May our loving and merciful God, in the rest of my life, continue to guide me, heal me if not carry me all along in my difficult times as disabled person in the witness of God in the world of the accounting profession all through the universe.

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