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Nov 12, 2013

The 20 Time Listener


Dan Pilon’s story of discovery is not unlike many that we hear. Dan listened to the Bible Timeline CDs on his ride to and from work…twenty times! Filled with a zeal for Scripture, he’s actively trying to bring others closer to Christ through the Great Adventure.

Dan Pilon PictureI was raised a cradle Catholic and attended Catholic grade school, but fell away from the faith when I went into the military. The service did give me time to ask myself a couple of key questions: 1) is there a God? and 2) what is the meaning and purpose of life?

I started to attend different churches, but always found something missing. The more I studied, the more interested I became in my faith. My wife and I read Scott Hahn’s The Lamb’s Supper and it gave me a much deeper understanding of the Mass, but something was still missing – a deeper understanding of the Bible.

I read the Bible but, like the Ethiopian eunuch, did not understand it. Acts 8:30-31

I had been listening to the Bible on CD in my car, but was still trying to make sense of what I was hearing. Finally, I found The Great Adventure Bible Timeline. There was so much I had never understood. I listened to the CDs a second time and learned even more.

Since then, I have acquired hundreds of Catholic CDs and books, but I have learned more from The Great Adventure Bible Timeline than any of the others. I have listened over twenty times now and still pick up something new every time! I now have three copies and continually have them out on loan.

Jeff does such a fabulous job of tying the Old and New Testament together and even includes a little humor. I would have never tied everything together on my own.

Dan Pilon
Near Pittsburgh PA

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