All About Guardian Angels

Angels are real, and our guardian angels may have prevented us from death or serious harm. 

Since the Enlightenment, skepticism about the supernatural has caused many people to dismiss the intervention of angels, but all it takes is a little faith to see them at work.

The Lord loves us, and he gives us guides to get to heaven. Sometimes those guides even protect us in ways that leave us in wonder.

Fr. Malachy shares stories about how as a kid he fell out of a tree twenty-five feet and walked away with just a bump on his head, and another time he fell from a waterfall with rocks and boulders — also twenty-five feet — and got nothing but a scar on his elbow. He believes it must have been his guardian angel who prevented his serious harm or even death on both occasions.

Our guardian angels do far more than just prevent tragic accidents. They are also here to fight for us in our spiritual lives. Invite your guardian angel into whatever spiritual battle you may be going through. You may be surprised by the help you receive.

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