Your Questions and My Answers (Part 1)

What Bible study should I do? I finished the Bible in a Year, what’s next? Jeff, why did you leave the Church for a time? In this episode, Jeff Cavins sits down to answer your questions. The questions range from book recommendations to Scriptural questions to questions about Jeff’s personal life. Jeff answers them all!

Snippet from the Show
“I didn’t leave the Catholic Church because of doctrine. I left because I was loved out of the Church.”



1. Our Church is looking to study the Bible with you. Bible in a Year got us excited so we just need some guidance. What would you recommend as a place to begin? Should we do a gospel first or some other New Testament book?

2. Can you give me some help in understanding the difference between the Catechism and the Bible?

3. I’ve heard you say that the Bible is God’s will for us, so if the Bible is God’s will for all of us, how do I know what is the will of God for me personally?

4. Can you recommend any books to help me understand the Old Testament better?  

Jeff’s Recommendations
Personal Questions

1. I heard that you left the Catholic Church and then returned. What was it that made you leave the Catholic Church and what was it that led to your return?

2. I know that you do podcasts and bible studies as well as teach. What do you do to relax? 

3. Can you have your wife Emily on your show to talk about Archaeology?

4. Do you miss anything about your Protestant days? I know that you were a pastor, and I just wondered if you missed anything.

Interested in reading more about Jeff Cavins’ faith journey? Check out his book My Life on the Rock here.


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Meet Your Host: Jeff Cavins

Jeff Cavins is passionate about helping people understand Scripture and become disciples of Jesus Christ. Though he was born Catholic, Jeff went to Bible school and served as a protestant minister for twelve years before reverting to the Catholic Faith. Jeff then received his MA in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Since then, he has become a leading Catholic evangelist and author.

Jeff created The Bible Timeline learning system, which revolutionized Catholic Bible Study for millions of Catholics. Since its introduction, Jeff has developed The Great Adventure series of Bible studies to help people better understand Sacred Scripture and its meaning for their lives. 

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