Yoga, Forgiving the Devil, and Mary’s Free Will

Fr. Josh answers questions about whether Catholics should do yoga, whether we should forgive the Devil, and whether Mary truly had free will. 

Snippet from the Show 

The Church does not dogmatically teach that Catholics can’t do the stretches or positions associated with yoga, but Catholics are absolutely not permitted to embrace any of the spirituality associated with yoga.


Glory Story (5:00) 

Feedback (9:19)

Yoga (10:58)

Hi Fr. Josh,

I thank the Lord for leading me to your podcast. I am learning a lot with regards to the beauty of our Catholic faith, though late in the game.

Anyway, my question is about yoga. I have read that it stems from another religion and it’s called a practice. I am currently attending classes at the gym because I find that among the many I have tried, it works for my aches and stiffness. I  consider it as mindful stretching as opposed to a practice of the philosophy it purports to be. My question is: am I violating my Christian faith if I view yoga as just a workout and not the religious practice that others view it?

Any information will be appreciated and again, thank you.

– Joi

Should we forgive the devil? (21:50)

Hey, Fr. Josh!

I’m going to get right to it: should we forgive and love the devil? God loves and forgives everyone, right? Does that include the devil? And if it does include the devil, does that mean we should also love and forgive the devil because we are to imitate Christ? My gut feeling is no. We should just steer clear of the devil entirely and leave it up to God to fight and interact with him. I’m not sure about forgiving the devil for his many temptations and assaults against us, but I’m positive we’re not meant to love him, right? I would love to know your view on the matter and if the Catholic Church has an official opinion on this. Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

– D

Did Mary have free will? (32:33)

Hi Fr. Josh,

I love your podcast and I’ve been listening for some time. Here is my question:

Would it have been a sin to deny the angel Gabriel and not have Jesus? And if it would have been a sin to deny God’s plan, and Mary was born without sin, did she have no other option than to accept? So would she not have had free will?

Thank you and God Bless!!

– John



  1. More than a few priests over the past years since covid/the pandemic, have appeared on podcasts not only warning that yoga is dangerous, but that doing even the positions and stretches is dangerous. The fact that most of these priests have been exorcists, lends authority to their words. Why then, is Loyola Marymount University the first university in America to offer a Master of Fine Arts degree in Yogic Studies?

  2. Hi Father Josh,

    I was in a yoga exercise class on vacation where yoga music was played, singing in a different language which I didn’t understand, but I assume it was worshiping something other than God. I liked the sound and melody of the music and it was pleasant to exercise to. Is this wrong to continue listening to this type of music even if I don’t understand what they are singing? The class was strictly exercise and not worshiping anything.

    Thank you so much and may God bless you.

    • yes it is wrong to continue to listen. You are giving tacit approval of what is being played even if you don’t know the words.

  3. Great episode! I do some of the stretches while praying the rosary. I know purgatory was not the topic and it was almost a passing remark, but calling it “a shower” before heaven was a little light since so many saints and mystics have spoken on its intensity and as a painful if not excruciating purification.


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