Why Do I Need a Church?

Do we really need a church? Why can’t we just be spiritual instead? Dr. Edward Sri explains not only why God gave us the Church, but why it is a gift for us and a necessity to be brought into a familial relationship with God.

Snippet from the Show

“God sent his son, Jesus Christ, and he set up a church. He gave his authority to the apostles and their successors to pass on his teaching.”



“Ekklisía” (Church) – “to call out of”, this word was used to describe the Exodus story in the Old Testament, where God called his people out of slavery. Jesus uses this word to describe his disciples and his church because he is calling us out of the darkness of our sins. 


“It’s easier to create my own religious and moral values, values that are comfortable for me, than it is to accept the revelation of Jesus Christ and the teaching of a church that calls me on to ongoing conversion. Rather than follow a moral standard outside myself, one that calls me on to greater responsibility, commitment to others, generosity, sacrificial love, I can determine for myself what’s right and wrong. I can craft my own beliefs and values that conveniently justify my current way of living. In the world of being spiritual but not religious, I can make myself my own pope in my own religion, the church of me.” –Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained


Luke 10:16“He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent me.”


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