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Mar 5, 2018

Why Confess My Sins to a Priest?

Fr. Mike Schmitz

If you’ve ever been in a conversation where you had to defend the Catholic Faith, people have probably asked you this question. It can be a tough one to answer, but Fr. Mike lays out many reasons why confessing our sins to a priest makes perfect sense. Confession isn’t a man-made tradition of the Church but rather a valuable gift given by God and rooted in Scripture.

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  • Father Mike, The podcast “Why Confess My Sins to a Priest” was a great podcast! Two more reasons that might be given are: 1.Jesus understood the human psychological aspect of speaking ones sins out loud to a person and hearing the words, “You are forgiven.” This human exchange of words enables us TO FORGIVE OURSELVES! If we simply confess our sins directly to God in private, repent, and ask forgiveness, we will likely continue to carry the guilt with us. 2. The graces received during confession to a priest are overwhelming. I liken these graces to what I call, “a bullet-proof shield for the soul.” The graces received during confession are tangible…something you can actually feel inside in some concrete way. And one has great power to resist temptation when these graces are conferred, and before we wear-down that “shield” with new sins over time. And of course, God can confer these graces on a person any time, but our receptiveness to these graces is greatest when we are most vulnerable, as in speaking our sins out loud to a priest. I think you hit on both of these points in some manner in your podcast, but I wanted to develop them a little more here in my comments. Thanks!

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