Why Catholic Fiction Matters (with Jacqueline Brown)

Our guest this week is Jacqueline Brown, author of the Catholic fiction series The Light Series. Jacqueline tells about her journey from a practicing clinical psychologist to Catholic fiction writer. Jacqueline shares about making time for beauty and art in everyday lives and the importance of Catholic fiction as a genre.

Snippet from the Show

For better or for worse, fiction shapes our world and the society around us. When we as Catholics participate in the creation and consumption of fiction, we allow our voice and our story to take part in that shaping.

When  you order Jacqueline’s books, be sure to use the code GIRLFRIENDS to receive 20% off the paperbacks here. Also, the e-book of The Light, the first book in the series, will be available for just 99 cents January 27-February 2, 20202.  And finally, the audio books are available on Chirp for just $2.99 and on Audible.

This week, I also share some feedback from Liz who shares some helpful resources for women who want to make reading Scripture part of their everyday routine. Liz suggests:

Blessed Is She and Every Sacred Sunday. I add a recommendation for Take Up and Read.

Have feedback or an idea to share? I would love to hear from you!



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