When You Don’t Feel Close to God

Prayer is essential in the Christian life … but why is it so hard sometimes? Dr. Edward Sri shares insights from the Saints about where God is in the midst of our struggles and how we are called to respond.

Snippet from the Show
It’s the Devil who wants you to think that your prayer isn’t worth it.


When You Pray

Inspired by the real example of the saints, we will learn how to pray with the same consistency, trust, peace, and passion that led to deep transformation in their souls. The program will help you begin your journey of prayer, rejuvenate your prayer life, and strengthen your relationship with God. Click here to learn more!

Reasons We May Not Feel Close to God in Prayer
  1. We’ve been rationalizing our sin 
  2. The Devil is discouraging us
What Should We Do About It?

When we experience this dryness is prayer, we must persevere! The most important aspect of prayer is our intention. Keep showing up.

Quotation from St. Thomas Aquinas

The intention to pray is the foundation for all of prayer.


Upcoming Events with Dr. Sri
  • Jun 23-July 1: Rome Pilgrimage
  • July 26-27: Applied Biblical Studies Conference – Steubenville OH
  • July 26-28:  Defending the Faith conference – Steubenville OH
  • Aug 19-20:  Fullness of Truth Family Conference – San Antonio TX
  • Aug 25-26 – Catholic Men’s conference – Beaumont TX
  • Oct 13-15 – Leaders Conference – Malta
  • Nov 12-20 – Holy Land Pilgrimage
  • Dec 8-10 – Immaculate Conceptions Men’s Retreat – Malvern PA


  1. Very helpful! Just what I need this morning!

  2. I feel distracted since I became disabled and my husband is dying a horrible death and we are faithful.


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