Wearing Rosaries, Taize Prayer, and Spiritual Direction

Father Josh answers questions about wearing rosaries, Taize prayer, and spiritual direction. 

Is it sacrilegious to wear a rosary? Is a rosary without a crucifix still a rosary? Should Catholics engage in Taize prayer, or is Taize prayer a new age practice? Lastly, what’s the difference between spiritual direction and pastoral counseling?  

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Snippet from the Show

Spiritual direction is the art of leading souls progressively from the beginning of the spiritual life to the heights of Christian perfection.” 
-The Theology of Christian Perfection


Glory Story (2:40)

Listener Feedback (6:08)

Wearing Rosaries (9:03)

Hi, Father Josh!

I’ve been listening to your podcast for some time now and first wanted to thank you so much for the good work you do. There really is no-one out there doing this type of podcast and I’m so thankful that I’m able to tune in weekly and get your insight on so many topics!!

I had a twofold question regarding rosaries. One of my hobbies is making rosaries. I restore and use antique crucifixes and centerpieces and do all the wire work by hand. As you can imagine, much time and love goes into each one! I am part of a rosary making group on Facebook and some of the things I see in there make me question what I had been taught about the rosary itself. Firstly, I was always taught that you should NEVER wear a rosary like jewelry, as the rosary is a tool for prayer and not something to be worn and made a spectacle of. Similarly a rosary is not a car ornament and should not be hung from a rear view mirror like a pair of fuzzy dice. Was I taught properly or am I being too uptight? Secondly, I was taught that rosaries MUST have a crucifix, not just a cross. Is this true?

Thank you so much in advance for your time!!!

– VeiledInLove

Taize Prayer (13:21)

Hi Fr. Josh – I’m really glad I found your podcast a couple of months ago. I really appreciate how you handle questions from both the head and the heart. My question is about Taize prayer. In college I attended some ecumenical Taize prayer services and found this type of meditative prayer through beautiful songs to be very moving. I’ve thought about asking to coordinate a service through music ministry at my parish, but I’ve never really been sure about the theology behind Taize – it does seem a bit “new age-y” and I know it has some Protestant origins, but I also don’t know that there’s anything wrong with it. Does the Catholic Church have an official perspective on Taize prayer? Is Taize a theologically sound way for us to pray?

– Sam

Spiritual Direction (18:45)

Hi Fr. Josh,

I, as many others, listen to your podcast and appreciate all the time and effort you put into your podcasts. Your desire to become a saint and help others along their journey is truly inspiring. In listening to a recent episode, I heard you were taking questions for a possible discernment themed episode. This is one that I feel is not talked about enough when in regards to discernment. I have recently been discerning the call to the sisterhood. I have been able to get involved in one of the Little Sisters of the Poor’s homes where I live. It has been such a blessing and helped me open my heart more to the Father’s will. I recently have felt called to enter into spiritual direction, however, I have never gone before. How does someone begin spiritual direction? Would it be better to do it with a sister or a priest? Are only certain religious able to offer spiritual direction? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! May Peace be with you.

– Sarah


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  1. Fr. Tipton was our associate Pastor at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth Michigan. Fr. Josh, your honoring of him is spot on! Fr. Tipton was a blessing and continues to be a blessing to have as a spiritual father. Thank you for talking about him because it’s nice to hear about how he is spreading the love and mercy of Christ to others. I will keep you in my prayers, as all the priests of the Church.


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