Ways to Grow in Humility

This week we are talking about that unpopular virtue – HUMILITY – and ways to grow in it. Humility is something we think we don’t want, but let’s really examine what it is and some of the ways that God calls us to greater holiness through its practice.

Snippet from the Show

“Connection is more important than perfection.”


Humility doesn’t mean crawling around in the dirt or looking for ways to humiliate yourself. It means accepting your weaknesses and realizing that you are not God.


First of all, humility is simply knowing and accepting who you are. It doesn’t mean crawling around in the dirt or looking for ways to humiliate yourself. It means accepting that you are not God. here are some ideas that might help you grow in this important virtue:

  1. Ask for help.

We sometimes avoid admitting we need help at all or even accepting the help that others offer to us out of pride. It’s a beautifully humble practice to ask for the help you need.

  1. Compliment others.

Are you stingy with compliments? Why? You might feel like it somehow detracts from you when you praise others, but that’s not how God works. He has an abundance of grace that he wants to bless us all with. Give out compliments for the good things you see in others.

  1. Mind your own business.

What other people think about you is none of your business. Also, the details of others’ successes and failures is not your business either. Keep focused on the work God is calling you to.

  1. Give thanks continually.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to God and all the people in our lives who love us and serve us. Say thank you and recognize how blessed you are.

  1. Look for the good.

Especially when you are tempted to complain, look for the good in every situation. Give all suffering to God and ask him to use it to change your heart.

  1. Be open.

Be receptive to other people in your life, focused on them and genuinely interested in all they have to offer. Also, be open about yourself and some of the ways you might struggle, especially when you are tempted to lie or cover up your weaknesses.

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Song of the Week: This week’s special song is Steadfast by Josh Garrels. I love to listen to this one and pray, giving thanks to God for all his goodness. What songs do you like to pray with?


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  1. Love the Litany of Humility, I strive to live it!,


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