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Oct 19, 2018

Becoming Dust Jackets for Truth: The Art of Storytelling!

Jeff Cavins

Mastering the art of storytelling is an extremely effective way to spread truth.

Spoiler alert! Jeff talks about the ending of the popular dystopian book, Fahrenheit 451. In it, scholars who memorize books in the hopes that they will be written down again call themselves “dust jackets for books”.

We too, are “dust jackets for books”, especially when it comes to the Bible. We are responsible for remembering important parts of the Bible so that we can share them with others, especially our kids and grandkids.


Snippet from the Show

Jesus was a masterful storyteller. It was in those stories that truth was hidden, and revealed.



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Ray Bradbury’s book: Fahrenheit 451

Stories from the Bible to Memorize:

  • Creation
  • Fall and Adam and Eve
  • Call of Abraham
  • Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Joseph
  • Exodus
  • 40 Years in the Desert
  • Fall of Jericho
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Any of the Parables
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