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Apr 26, 2018

Forgiveness in Belfast Northern Ireland

Jeff Cavins

They murdered his grandfather then labeled him a terrorist for being Catholic. His best friend’s dad was shot dead in front of his six children. This is Joe Mckeown’s story of growing up Catholic in the chaos of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen as he shares his journey to healing, peace, and ultimately forgiveness.



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  • Thanks @jeffcavins and Ascension for Sharing my story. hopefully it will be beneficial for some. if there are any questions….? send them my way. God Bless the work. Joe

    • Joe – I just returned from your beautiful country (the Republic of Ireland part) and hope to return again soon I loved it so! I have heard the official version of the history of the troubles for years but your personal message is so much more moving, both from a personal perspective and more importantly as a message of hope and love. God Bless you in your work and I hope we Americans can help your nation heal more than we divide. Pax!

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