How to Hear God Every Day

God wants to speak to you every day—don’t you wish you could hear him? In this episode, Jeff walks you through the practice of Lectio Divina, teaching you how to listen for the personal messages God wants to give you each day in Scripture.

What happens when life throws us a curveball?
  • We need to listen to God’s word.
  • How do we do that?
    • Lectio Divina is a great tool.
  • Scripture tells us we can hear God.
Do you need a Word from the Lord today?
  • We all have a desire to hear from the Lord.
  • Lectio Divina takes about 15 minutes and can be done at the beginning of each day.
    • You will marvel at how what you hear in the morning will minister to you throughout the day.
What is involved in Lectio Divina?
  • Lectio Divina means “divine reading”
  • You will need a Bible that you can “live in” (mark, carry around…)
    • RSV Catholic is the version I use.
  • You will need a notebook and pen. I use a moleskin notebook.
  • You will need a silver or white marker to mark on the notebook binding the year.
  • You will need a location you can be with God.
  • You will need a time to be with God.
    • Treat it as a very important appointment.
  • You need a plan.
    • What part of scripture, what will you read.
    • One option is to use the day’s gospel reading.
    • Another option is to pick a part of the Bible (Psalms, Proverbs…)
How to use Lectio Divina.
  • Step 1 (lectio)
    • Read through the text out loud to yourself (if possible).
    • Just read, do not try and meditate or think about it.
    • See what phrases or words jump out at you.
      • Write down whatever jumps out into your notebook.
  • Step 2 (meditatio)
    • Meditate by entering the story using imagination.
    • See how it applies to your life.
    • Go over and over it in your mind “re-digesting it.”
  • Step 3 (oratio)
    • Pray
    • You can abandon your heart to God.
    • Ask the Lord how your thoughts and actions should change in response to what you meditated on.
    • Trust that you hear God’s voice.
  • Step 4 (contemplatio)
    • Contemplation
    • This is not something you do, but a place you arrive.
    • It is a place of comfort and companionship with God.
  • Step 5
    • Come up with a simple and doable plan to put what God tells you into action.

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  1. I love your podcasts. I only began listening to them so I have a ways to go before I catch up but you’ve given a great amount of insight to things I struggle with. Thanks so much for putting these podcasts up. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  2. Thank you for this message. I actually, did it while you spoke and saying The Lord is my Shepard, made me feel so protected as that is what a Shepard does, cares for his sheep.

  3. Awesome, thank you, brother. for all you do.

  4. Amazing! I was just praying, asking God to teach me to hear Him and grant me the grace to listen. Then this email shows up in my inbox! Starting tomorrow, thanks Jeff.

  5. Thank you for this guide. I’ve always found Lectio Divia to feel intimidating but you’ve broken it down so well.

    Also, your Great Adventure Bible is amazing!!! God speaks to me while listening to Fr. Mike every day.

    Blessings to you from South Dakota.

  6. Thank you for your Bible Time Line course. Growing up a Catholic, I wasn’t very familiar with the Old Testament. Your Bible Time Line was very enlightening.

  7. I needed this today!! Outstanding show. I will start this today not tomorrow. I need to hear direction. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Jeff, I have been looking for direction on Lectio Divino. My prayer is that I will practise it as my lenten challenge. I love your podcasts, God Bless ?



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