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Are you ready for Lent? How do you explain the importance of correct form in Baptism? How do you make allowances for economic situations in regards to liturgy? Dave and Mike discuss these questions and more in today’s episode.

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Because the Gospel is anti-sin, it is always counter cultural.


Listener Question

It was mentioned in “Restore the Sacred” that it would be good to return to a sacred state of heart, to stop making the Mass accessible because the Mass is not the primary means of Evangelization but is the summit of the Evangelization that has already taken place over a long period of time or through very intentional means. You also mentioned that the organ is to be the preeminent means of worship because “It is closest to the human voice” (Musicam sacrem). 
However, when we are looking at the sacred, where are we allowing for local customs and culture to step in and make the Mass sacred to those people? I’ve really been pouring over that because of the way that we have placed latinization of the Mass as the key way to celebrate Mass, but it ignores the areas of the world too humid to keep a piano or an organ, or where it would be cost prohibitive for the purchasing and maintenance. 
It especially came to the forefront of my mind when discussing aboriginal peoples in Australia and Africa who have different expressions of sacred through their own practices. 
We are blessed with a church that is wide and applicable to all people, but are we also/can we also be recognizant of the culture of others within that desire for the sacred? 


Meet Your Hosts


Michael “Gomer” Gormley

Michael spent 17 years in full-time parish ministry and is now the Mission Evangelist for That Man Is You!, a men’s apostolate for Paradisus Dei. Michael is a frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and parish missions all over the US and Canada.

He is the founder and creative director of, and hosts three Catholic podcasts: Every Knee Shall Bow, Catching Foxes, and Becoming God.

He is married to his college sweetheart, Shannon, and has four beautiful and hilarious children: Kateri, Cecilia, Noah, and Thomas.


David “Dave” VanVickle

Dave VanVickle

Dave VanVickle fell in love with the Lord at the age of fourteen and has since dedicated his life to bringing others into a radical relationship with Christ.

He is a speaker and retreat leader who focuses on proclaiming the universal call to holiness, authentic Catholic spirituality, spiritual warfare and deliverance. Additionally, Dave has over ten years of experience assisting Priests with their ministries of exorcism and deliverance.

Dave married his late wife Amber in 2010. He now resides in Pittsburgh with his five children: Sam, Max, Judah, Josie and Louisa.

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