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Jan 13, 2020

The Three Epiphanies

Colin MacIver

Epiphany is the feast where the Magi come to pay homage to the infant Jesus, but it can also be used to describe a moment of sudden revelation or insight. In the life of Jesus, there are three epiphanies, and each one reveals a truth about ourselves and how we can grow toward God. 

3 Epiphanies and What They Mean for Us:

  1. The Magi – the Magi are instructed to go back a different way.
    1. We turn toward Christ and follow his teachings, and follow a different path.  
  2. Baptism of the Lord – Jesus’ identity as Son of the Father is confirmed. 
    1.  We recognize our own identity and dignity as sons and daughters of God.
  3. Wedding at Cana – Christ is revealed as bridegroom and Mary says, “Do whatever he tells you.”
    1. We follow the commands of Christ. 

Snippet from the Show

“The three epiphanies are three ways in which Christ dawns upon the human condition.”

Meet Your Host

Colin MacIver, host of the Tightrope podcast, with his family

Colin is an enthusiastic transplant to vibrant Louisiana, where he lives with his beautiful wife Aimee and two energetic children, Leo and Zélie. His juggling act involves being a husband, a dad, a teacher, a youth minister, a musician and a national Ascension content creator and trainer.

In his spare time, he eats too many crawfish, savors king cake, plays one-on-one kickball with his son, and tries, for the life of him, to properly load the dishwasher.

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