The Sacraments and Mass During COVID-19

Fr. Josh answers questions about receiving the sacraments and staying engaged in a virtual mass during COVID-19

Snippet from the Show
When it comes to making the act of spiritual communion, this practice can be done anywhere, anytime. And ask God to transport your soul to the nearest tabernacle if you can’t get out of your home to be in the presence of Jesus.


Glory Story (2:30) 

Feedback (7:52)

Confession (14:01)

Hey Fr. Josh

I love your podcast and thank you for answering my previous question.

What do we do right now if we have mortal sin but because of quarantine cannot get to confession?

– Anonymous

Last rites for COVID victims (17:58)

Hi Fr. Josh,

I listen to your virtual masses every morning and am so thankful and inspired by them. I’m worried that with the stay at home orders many people are dying all alone without any sacraments or even family around. Are priests able to visit any sick parishioners in the hospital? God bless you!

– Martha

Staying Engaged During Online mass (23:19)

Hi Fr. Josh,

I have been so happy to see you saying Mass through the Ascension Facebook page lately. I had hoped I would get to come to Holy Rosary for a Mass with you someday from Boston, but didn’t expect it to come to me! I was just wondering, does watching a recorded Mass have the same effects as watching it live? I have to work during the time Masses have been live-streamed but I have been making time to watch and participate after work as they are still available on the websites recorded. However, I can’t help but feel like I am not really participating as the Mass is not occurring in real time, and that it doesn’t really count to watch a recording. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for finding ways to bring us closer to Jesus even in this time of solitude. Hope you continue to say safe.

– Amanda


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