The Devil, Life After Rape, and Giving Communion to Unbelievers

Fr. Josh answers questions about why God created the devil, distributing Communion to people in a state of mortal sin, and how to return to God after a traumatic assault.

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Snippet from the Show

He suffered, not only for our redemption, but so that we wouldn’t have to suffer alone. He knows that you’re going to suffer in so many ways. He knew that people, in their free will, were going to hurt you and he wanted you to know that you are not alone. He is with you and he is suffering with you.


Glory Story (1:02)

Fr. Josh got to spend some time with his good friend from Life Teen.

Listener Feedback (4:02)

Life After Rape (11:01)

Dear Father Josh, Hope this email finds you well. Fr Josh, I was a practicing [Catholic] till 31st December 2018 and then, my life fell apart from that day. For the past 6 years, I was performing very well in my career and was supposed to be promoted to an important leadership role. However, I decided that I was not going to carry on and left my job. Within 2 weeks, I found another stable but different job. I was excited to start my new job. But before that, I decided to go on a solo trip to celebrate my end of the old job and beginning of a new one. I travelled during the Christmas/New Year’s period and was having a good time in Italy. However, my life took a 180 degrees turn. After New Year’s Eve Mass, I met an acquaintance for a drink but the drink turned into me losing my pride. I was sexually assaulted and I could not help myself. I asked God then why did you let this happen to me right after visiting you. I was in pain and felt so ashamed. When I flew back home, I had to start work the very next day. The next 2 months were tumultuous. I could not concentrate at work and was just tired of life. 46 days after the incident, I was faced with a pregnancy scare and I went for confession. But what the priest told me saddened me because instead of comforting me, he scolded me and said “I should never abort a baby”. In my mind, I never had plans for abortion but I was so scared for the future. I became so depressed that I had to quit my job  and it has been difficult on me because I am financially supporting my aged parents. Father, I know that God did not mean for these things to happen. But somehow my faith is so weak that the only person I take my anger most out on is God. I have stopped going to church because I feel so hurt and ashamed. I was saving myself for marriage and was practicing chastity but now all’s gone. Father, my question is “why does God let these bad things happen to me and so many others? And how can I return to our father again?” I know that only God heals but my faith is so weak now. Please intercede for me, father. I do want to return home again.

Thank you very much, father. Hope you have a good week ahead.


The Devil (24:10)

Father Josh, I teach second grade and one of my students brought up a really interesting question. She said: “If God knows all things, then why did he create the devil as his light bearer if he knew that he would disobey him?”. Thanks!


Giving Communion to Unbelievers  (27:40)

Hey Father Josh, sometimes I am a Communion minister at my parish, and I often am giving the Eucharist to people I know from school (I am a high schooler), but I know based on conversations I have had with them and knowing them for a long time that many of them do not even believe in God and have perhaps never been to confession, etc. I question if it is right for me to give out the Body of Christ to people that I know are not in a state to be taking it. What is your take on this?

PS: Do you play fortnite?


Universal Points (32:18)

(Please note that these are a summary of the answers Fr. Josh provides in the podcast.)

  1. Life After Rape – Keep your eyes on Jesus.
  2. The Devil – We don’t punish people before the act is committed.
  3. Giving Communion to Unbelievers – There is typically more to the story than we are aware of at times.


Meet Your Host

While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. One day, in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest. Now, Fr. Josh is the pastor for Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Louisiana, and he is a presenter in two of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, and YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body and author of Broken and Blessed.

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