The Bible, Masturbation, Honeymoon Abstinence, and Holy Communion

Fr. Josh answers questions about fertile honeymooners, self-gratification, canon law, and the (supposed) decline of morality since biblical times. If you have a question, comment, or response for Fr. Josh, email us at You may hear your question or comment in an upcoming podcast episode!


Snippet from the Show

We don’t want to just imitate Jesus when it is easy, we want to imitate Jesus Christ at all times – in every season of our lives because we trust that we were created for Jesus and that Jesus Christ is enough.




Glory Story (3:25)

In the span of two weeks Fr. Josh survived an attack from the enemy and an attack from a sea creature.


Listener Feedback (10:53)


Honeymoon Abstinence (14:53)

Thanks so much for your podcast. I’ve really enjoyed it thus far; the questions have been off-the-beaten-path and interesting. Unfortunately for me, I think that I am going to add to that mix.

My fiancée, Kaitlin, and I are getting married on August 4. We are planning on using NFP in our marriage, but currently anticipate that we will be in Phase 2 (the fertile phase of the cycle) throughout our entire honeymoon. We believe it is in our best interest to wait at least a year to try to conceive, as we are moving cross country to an area with no connections immediately after our wedding. What advice can you give to us to discern what the Lord is calling us to do on our honeymoon? We have been praying for a clear answer from Him for a short while now, but as the big day approaches we are seeking clarity for our own expectations.

-Brad and Kaitlin


Masturbation (19:41)

If your husband is unable because of health reasons to fulfill sexual intimacy, is masturbation a sin for the wife?



The Bible (29:07)

When reading the Bible, we read about truly horrible things that people did to each other back then. When comparing to the world today, I wonder very often, is the world any better than it was over 2,000 years ago? Do you think, in God’s eyes, we have made any progress? It troubles me a lot sometimes. I have to put it out of my mind and try to focus on my immediate surroundings because I don’t have the answer.



Holy Communion (31:06)

Can we receive the Eucharist twice in one day?



Universal Points (32:23)
  1. Honeymoon Abstinence – Discerning God’s will is not always easy, but as long as we are leaning into Christ and open to His grace we will make the decision that is pleasing in His eyes.
  2. Masturbation- We are created to make a gift of ourselves for the other.
  3. The Bible – Sometimes we just don’t know the answers, and it’s okay to admit it.
  4. Holy Communion – For questions about rules of the Church, we can look to the Code of Canon Law.




Meet Your Host, Fr. Josh Johnson:


While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. One day, in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest. Now, Fr. Josh is the pastor for Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Louisiana, and he is a presenter in two of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, and YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body.



  1. You are supposed to marry when you are in a place to accept life, if you are of the age where it can happen. Of course some marry at old age or remarry after losing a spouse in death. Why not put off the wedding until you are in the place to have that first child? The fertile phase can change. Especially with wedding stuff as it draws closer to the date. It’s hard to plan even for people who have cycles that are like clockwork. It may not be the honeymoon.

  2. Just to give a little consolation to Brad and Kaitlin, my husband and I got married two years ago and we still have not had any children. We went through many major life changes, like getting married, starting new jobs and moving in together all at the same time; moving 2 other times since then, this last move we bought our first home- it’s been crazy! The stress has been really tough on both of us and we really weren’t emotionally healthy when we got married (that first year really brought out some deep wounds from each of our past). We discerned that we had a lot of relationship building before we could bring life into the world. I really recommend this book, “The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning” because Simcha really dives boldly and humorously into NFP and discernment. Really exposing with many scenarios as examples why NFP is between you, your spouse and God, just like Fr. Said. It really gave me piece about waiting for children. (We also we’re in phase two on our honeymoon lol) Now (2.5 years later) my husband and I are working to get in a place with our relationship to really start trying to create life.

  3. Great commentary with biblical truth


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