Strategic Comeback

Dave “Gym Shorts Only” Vanvickle and I give some recommendations and tips for picking up evangelization with limited resources after COVID-19 and the difficulties of a digital church.

Snippet of the Show

“Your role in the kingdom of Heaven is to advance the Gospel in the world, and maybe this quarantine can reemphasize the power of the laity.”


For LIVE spiritual events like daily Rosaries, Masses, and talks from our other presenters, visit the Ascension Homepage and scroll down to our COVID-19 Calendar.

Ministry Tips after COVID-19

  1. You need a team
    Build a team of people responsible for seeing the bigger picture of the parish
  2. Focus on the adults
    Find a way for the people that come back to serve others
  3. You can’t digitize a sacramental faith
    Place a high priority on the sacraments we’ve missed
  4. Evaluate the dangers of a digital church
    People may stop coming to mass because they can livestream it: be prepared to reach them
  5. Focus on works of mercy
    People are suffering immensely right now; try to find creative ways to engage your parish in pre-evangelization 

5 Practical Takeaways

  1. Make a list of people for your strategy team
  2. Put together a strategic plan for when we return to church
  3. Write down some obstacles or bad habits the digital church may have caused
  4. Do a (physical) work of mercy
  5. Pray for your clergy who are without their spiritual families


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