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Dec 5, 2017

Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Danielle Bean


The holidays are such hard time of year for anyone who wants to stay healthy, eat well, and exercise on a regular basis. The change in routine plus the abundance of “unhealthy” options of eating add up to a difficult challenge for most of us. But I am here to help, with some simple ideas for ways that can help you stay on track (at least a little) during this busy, indulgent time of year. In this week’s show, I share thoughts about the following:


1) It’s not all or nothing.

You can say no sometimes.


2) Eat a salad a day.

One easy way to balance your eating during the season.


3) Work out in the morning.

Get it done!


4) Plan ahead to have healthy options at the ready.

Have single-portion healthy options for meals and snacks ready to go.


5) Go on a winter walk.

A great way to connect with family and friends!


6) Drink your water.

Water is a necessity, especially during this dry season.


We also talked about the Advent Prayer Retreat offered by Pray More Novenas. Go here to find out more about it and join me in prayer this month!




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