Soul Ties, Suffering Well, and Reception of the Soul

This week, Fr. Josh answers questions on soul ties, how to offer up your suffering, and the institution of our souls.

Snippet from the Show

“God’s divine mercy is available to everyone… God is calling all of us to be saints.”


Glory Story (2:33) 

Soul Ties (7:55)

Hey there Father Josh,

The good folks at the Alexander House in San Antonio mentioned soul ties and breaking them to resolve issues in marriage after infidelity. Are soul ties real or hokey?  Can lay persons pray to remove soul ties, or does a priest or exorcist have to perform some sort of rite?

Greg and Julie Alexander have an amazing ministry to help troubled couples!  I would highly recommend them. As always, I continue to pray for you, enjoy your podcast and online homilies and I have already ordered your new book from Amazon.  Can’t wait to read and use it.

Thank you and God bless.

– Anonymous

Deliverance Prayer from Fr. Chad’s Book

“I ask Jesus to bind in his most precious blood any and all evil curses, pacts, spells, seals, hexes, triggers, trances, vows, demonic blessings or any other demonic bondages sinning against [insert name] or myself, or any of our loved ones, or any of our possessions. I ask him to bind them all and break them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

*Repeat 3 times* 

Deliverance Prayer from Fr. Chad’s Book

“Jesus I ask thee to bind any evils spirits associated with, and any and all evil curses, pacts, spells, seals, hexes, vexes, triggers, transes, vows, demonic blessings, or any other demonic bondages sent against myself or any of my other loved ones as well. Jesus I ask you to bind all evil spirits separately and individually and break all seals in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

*Repeat 3 times* 

Spontaneous Prayer from Fr. Chad’s Book

“In the name of Jesus I renounce, reject, and severe any and all unholy ties with *insert name* that may have resulted because of my sinful relationship with them, and I return them and anything I have taken that was not mine to take, and I reclaim from them anything that was taken from me by them that was not theirs to take. I return that, I reclaim that, and I invoke the precious blood of Jesus to wash over me and to wash over them, and all of our loved ones. Protect us from any retaliating spirits, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.”

*Repeat 3 times*

Suffering for and with Jesus (17:08)

Hi Father Josh, 

Love the podcast, your enthusiasm for loving Jesus really shines through. I have a question for you. I am 24 with muscular dystrophy and that leads me to suffer a lot. How do I use this suffering for good? Like how do I not suffer for the sake of myself, but for others and especially for Jesus? I’ve heard from different people that I should offer it to the Lord, but that seems vague and I need more guidance. 

Also, thanks for all your ideas on how to fast when food isn’t involved. Due to my disease those are probably much safer and true ways to honor God for me. 

Hope you continue to have a blessed lent.

– Drew

When do we receive our souls? (30:58)

Hi Fr Josh, 

I was recently reading Richard Swinburne’s new book about the existence of souls and in the final chapter, he says that a soul does not begin to exist until the seventh month of pregnancy. What is the Catholic belief about when souls begin to exist and what implications would this have the abortion question?

– Cole W.



  1. I’m am breaking ungodly sole ties with my Mother Margarita Saldivar and my sisters Melody and Aurora. In the name of Jesus Christ 🙏 Amen.

  2. I’m a bit confused… I can’t find the spontaneous prayer in Fr. Ripped here’s book?


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