Repentance and Church Reform

In a follow-up to his video last week, “Sex Abuse Scandal and the Church”, Fr. Mike emphasizes that if we are to have true Church reform, it’s going to have start with the conversion of our own hearts.

Anyone can and should condemn the sins of the priests and cardinals that have been all over the news. The real challenge is to ask God what he is expecting us to do within this time, our time, in history. If he has created us to live in these difficult times for Catholics, he must be calling us to some great task to help bring renewal to his Church and individual souls.


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  1. Father Mike in your last video on the sex abuse scandal your words were refreshing and authentic. It was wonderful to hear the victims who came forward be praised for having the courage to testify. And, it is a beautiful testimony to the power of faith and prayer that you are able to unite yourself with the suffering of Christ and the victims. Thank you. I appreciated that you called it the sex abuse scandal and I am sad that in this video you call it the news coming out of Philadelphia. You are compassionate and I’m sure you understand that victims of sexual abuse feel tremendous shame. I liked it when you said sex abuse without shame, and maybe it will help free the victims from some of their shame. You help Jesus set the captives free. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your humility, your honesty, and a window into your relationship with Jesus. Inspired by you I will be praying, “Jesus, lead me to a life of true repentance.”


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