Plan Ahead for a Super Summer #074

In this episode, we talk about six ways to plan (at least loosely plan) a fun summer with your family! From changing up your prayer life to visiting new places, these six ideas will give you the chance to make this season fun, fruitful, and stress-free!

6 Ideas to Try This Summer
  1. Change up your prayer life.

Summer is a great time to shift your focus and switch your prayer routines. Try something new! Maybe consider creating an outdoor prayer space to inspire you and your family members to pray more often during the summer months.

  1. Visit a new place.

Summer provides an opportunity to explore new places together. Maybe a new park or a new hiking trail will be a fun adventure for you. Or maybe try a new library or museum. Relaxed routines provide us a chance to try new things that might be fun or inspiring.

  1. Assign the chores!

This is so important. You do not want to end up the maidservant of all your solvency children this summer. Make a plan now (even a very basic plan) for how chores and regular work will get done on a daily or even weekly basis.

  1. Have a schedule.

This is related to the chore assignments, but have at least a loose schedule of when certain things like meals, chores, quiet time, and exercise are happening on a day to day basis. A relaxed schedule can be fun for a bit, but we all need routine, and having a basic one in place can save your sanity in the long run.

  1. Set a goal.

Whether it’s painting a room or tackling a work project, summer is a nice set chunk of time that you might consider spending working toward an important goal of yours. What do you want to have accomplished come September? Make a plan for it now!

  1. Ask for others’ input.

Find out what your family would like to do during the summer. Make a master list for inspiration and enjoy crossing off fun things all summer long.

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