Original Parents, Vocations to Consecrated Single Life, and Annulment After Civil Marriage

Fr. Josh answers questions about whether Adam and Eve are the original parents of all people, what the vocation of consecrated single life and consecrated virginity is, and if someone married by the Justice of the Peace needs an annulment. 

Snippet From the Show

“Original sin was passed down to all of us from them [Adam and Eve]. So that’s why there has to be two parents because otherwise if there were other people that didn’t sin, then there would be perfect people that existed.” 


Glory Story (3:22) 

Feedback (7:50)

Are Adam and Eve the Original Parents of Everyone? (15:57)

I was recently asked, “Are Adam & Eve really the parents of all?  Did all people descend from them? What about the tribe that Cain became a part of?  How did that tribe come to be?”

Would Father be able to answer these questions so that I may give a proper answer? Kindest regards

– Carmelina

Vocations to a consecrated single life (18:46)

Hi Fr. Josh,

My name is Lindsay, I’m a new listener of your podcast and have been enjoying it a lot. My question is this, do you think lay single life is a legitimate vocation? I have heard of consecrated lay singles, and am wondering how that works. Also, how does it differ from consecrated virginity/virgins as a vocation? Can you expound on this? 

Thank you and God bless

– Lindsay

Annulment after Civil Marriage (28:08)

Hey Father Josh, 

I am Catholic and am friends with a Catholic man who is divorced and I have a question about it. He did not get married through the Catholic Church, they went to the court house and got married through the Justice of Peace. 

If he gets married by the Catholic Church in the future, would he require an annulment before? 

– Beth


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