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Jan 27, 2020

Not Getting Through? 3 Things to Consider

Colin MacIver

You’ve repeated yourself multiple times, you’re getting frustrated and flustered, you’re raising your voice—you’re just not getting through to other people. We’ve all been there. 

By looking at the reasons why we’re not getting through, maybe we can approach these situations differently in the future, both in our homes, and with others.

3 Reasons We’re Not Getting Through

  1. The person we’re trying to talk to isn’t in a position to hear us. Maybe they’re tired or hungry or extremely preoccupied, and the present moment just isn’t a good time to talk to them.
  2. The person we’re talking to doesn’t understand us. Maybe the language we’re using isn’t ubiquitous and trying a different way of explaining would help.
  3. You’re perceived as an adversary, and therefore nothing you say is effective. Anger is a sure way to get someone to shut down. 

Meet Your Host

Colin MacIver, host of the Tightrope podcast, with his family

Colin is an enthusiastic transplant to vibrant Louisiana, where he lives with his beautiful wife Aimee and two energetic children, Leo and Zélie. His juggling act involves being a husband, a dad, a teacher, a youth minister, a musician and a national Ascension content creator and trainer.

In his spare time, he eats too many crawfish, savors king cake, plays one-on-one kickball with his son, and tries, for the life of him, to properly load the dishwasher.

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