Meeting Jesus in Our Daily Difficulties

What is God asking you to surrender? Dr. Sri explains how Jesus invites us to surrender in every moment, big or small, throughout our lives. Using real life examples, Dr. Sri reveals how the small difficulties of daily life are encounter moments where we can meet Jesus. Dr. Sri provides three steps to take when faced with any difficulty.

Snippet from the Show

“Jesus is inviting us to surrender moment by moment throughout our lives.”


Encountering Christ in the Difficult Moments

There is a very sacred place where we can encounter Christ and take our spiritual lives to a new level. This place of encounter is in the events of our daily lives, especially the difficult ones that we have no control over. Christ wants to meet us in these difficult moments. He allows them to happen so that we can encounter him and grow in our spiritual lives.

Surrendering in the Little Moments

Christians often speak of surrendering to God’s will in big ways such as vocation, career, or our health/well-being. Christians will speak of feeling called to surrender in these different ways. However, Christ also calls us to surrender in every moment of our daily lives. He wants us to surrender in the little moments, the little crosses, the small difficulties, everything. These are encounter moments.

Encounter Moments

Marriage is full of encounter moments. There are moments throughout marriage where we can face small difficulties or crosses, whether it’s picking up our spouse’s dirty socks or remembering to empty the dishwasher. These moments are opportunities to encounter Christ and become more like Him. Encounter moments can happen in marriage, the workplace, and even the parish community.

Difficult Moments Are Opportunities to Meet Jesus

These difficult moments, these frustrations are not just problems to be solved. These moments are opportunities to love Jesus and to worship him. God allows these frustrations to happen so that we can encounter Him. God does not wish for evil to occur nor does He cause bad things to happen. In this fallen world, God knows that such things will happen and He uses them for our good. When bad things happen, we can bow in our hearts to God. Tell Him we love him. Accept the situation and surrender to it. 

Three Steps to Take When We Encounter Difficult Moments: 

  1. We need to accept it and surrender to it.
  2. We must turn to God and ask, “What are you inviting me to grow in? What are you trying to teach me?”
  3. We must discern how to proceed. 

We must seek God in our daily lives, so that we may encounter him and grow ever closer to him.

Listener Questions

Question from Mary: In confession, do we only need to confess mortal sins?

Answer: Venial Sins can be forgiven in Mass with the right disposition and a truly contrite heart. However, it is very good to bring all your sins to confession. The first reason is that it is very good to name your sins aloud. This helps you to grow in humility and also encourages you to take your sins more seriously. A second reason is that confession is not just about forgiveness. It is also a great source of grace. This grace brings us closer to God and will help us to overcome sins in the future.

Question from Zach: Is there a problem with bringing notes to confession?

Answer: Bringing notes (or a cheat sheet) into confession is not a problem. In fact, doing this may help you to be more attentive during your confession. If you have written your sins down and don’t have to worry about remembering them, this may allow you to be more attentive to the words of the priest and the presence of the Holy Spirit in confession.

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Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, well-known Catholic speaker, and author of several best-selling books. His work with Ascension includes study programs such as A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion and Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother. Several of Dr. Sri’s programs were filmed on-site in the Holy Land, and feature immersive video explorations of the sacred sites where Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles lived and died.

Dr. Sri is the host of the acclaimed Ascension podcast All Things Catholic with Dr. Edward Sri.  Together with Curtis Martin, Dr. Sri is a founding leader of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), of which he serves as senior vice president of Apostolic Outreach.

Dr. Sri lives with his wife Beth and their children in Colorado.

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