Meet my Friends: Fr. Josh Johnson

I’m speaking with Fr. Josh Johnson, pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fr. Josh has a new book out, Broken and Blessed, about how we are broken and our Church is broken, but that the mercy and blessings of God surpasses all our failings.

We discuss the theme of brokeness: how to respond to it in others, what to do about it in the Church, and what God thinks of us when we fall.

If you know someone struggling with brokenness in the Church or with their own brokenness, I highly recommend Fr. Josh’s book—you can get it at this link.

Snippet from the Show

There was a priest in my diocese that I did not like … but one day I needed the sacrament of reconciliation … and in my 31 years of life the best confession I’ve ever experienced is with this priest. -Fr. Josh Johnson


Navelgazing vs looking at God (6:02)

Confessing the same sins over and over (9:00)

How to overcome a habitual sin (13:20)

Isolation (17:09)

Presuming God’s mercy (19:40)

Our attitude toward other broken individuals, especially in the Church (24:05)


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