Live Big, Love Bigger with Kathryn Whitaker

This week’s guest is my friend Kathryn Whitaker, author of Live Big, Love Bigger: Getting Real with BBQ, Sweet Tea, and a Whole Lotta Jesus.

Kathryn shares beautifully about how this book came to be, and also about her struggles with faith, marriage, parenting, and trusting in God’s goodness. Kathryn is such a real and authentic voice in the Church today; you are not going to want to miss all that she shares in her book, on social media, and in this conversation.

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Snippet from the Show

“Sacrifice is an important component of love. Teaching our kids about sacrifice is a countercultural, but necessary, part of living a Christ-centered life.”

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Also mentioned in this week’s show was my recent conversation with Emily Jaminet about devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can learn more about Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at

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