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Nov 7, 2018

“Little by Little” Ministry


Today we are joined by Brother Isaiah, a Franciscan friar who lives in the Bronx. He shares how little by little, he came to love God, discover his calling towards religious life, and use his musical gifts to serve the Lord. He also shares three pieces of wisdom that will deepen your prayer life and elevate your ministry.

  1. Descend into your restlessness and meet the Lord there.
  2. Struggle to be still.
  3. Do not let the troubles of the world weigh you down.

Learn more about the CFRs at and see their videos here.

Check out Br. Isaiah’s limited edition album Poco a Poco.


Snippet from the Show

Pizza got me in front of the Eucharist. The way to my heart was through my stomach. They had adoration before the pizza part, and the holy hour was so quiet, and in that quiet the Lord was able to come. He uses even our broken motivations to bless us. – Br. Isaiah

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