Infidelity, Venial Sins, Letting Go, and Anger


Fr. Josh answers questions about infidelity and divorce, confessing venial sins, letting go, and feeling anger towards others. If you have a question, comment, or a response for Fr. Josh, email us at You may hear your question or comment in an upcoming podcast episode!





Glory Story (3:15)

“Prayer is the most important thing that I could have ever done throughout my life. And if I could live my priesthood over again, I would have prioritized prayer a lot more than I did.”

                -Fr. Josh talking about an inspirational retired priest   


Listener Comments (5:47)


Infidelity (10:27)

“My husband and I have been together going on 8 years. We have been married civilly and through the Catholic Church after that. We are both raised Catholic, however I have always been more active than he has. We have a 3 year old son. In January, my husband confessed to me that he has been unfaithful and had at least 8 different affairs—one with a prostitute and then falling “in love” with one of the other women he had an affair with. I am broken. I have forgiven him and have prayed and even begged him to work things out. He wants and has filed for divorce. I’m lost. How do I not lose hope during this time? I know God does not punish, but I’m feeling like maybe because I made my husband and my marriage my idol, so to say, that I’m having difficulties discerning what God is calling me to do.”



Venial Sins (17:48)

“I don’t know quite what to say when going into confession. Not sure if I’m supposed to list my sins like a grocery list or treat it more like a counseling visit where I focus on an issue and seek guidance. Also, if every week you are fully involved in Mass and you are forgiven of venial sins, do you only go to confession if you commit a mortal sin? I feel like I’m wasting the priest’s time that could be spent with someone else. Thanks in advance for your help!”



Letting Go (23:16)

I’m having difficulty laying my problems at the feet of our Lord because we should only be giving our Lord the best of us. Aren’t I right?



Anger (27:04)

Is yelling at my children wrath? What can I do to become less angry?



Universal Points (32:21)


Meet Your Host, Fr. Josh Johnson:

While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. One day, in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest. Now, Fr. Josh is the pastor for Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Louisiana, and he is a presenter in two of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, and YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body.



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