How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Staying healthy through the holidays is hard, but not impossible!

It’s the crazy holiday season, so all of our health and fitness goals should go out the window, right?

Um, no.

I am not here to snatch the Christmas cookies from your hands, but I am here to say we can do some basic things to care for our health, even during the crazy Christmas season. Your body will thank you for it!

Some ideas to keep you healthy through the holidays:

1. Drink your water.

Find a way to keep yourself hydrated and you can avoid the headaches and sluggishness that come from not drinking enough water. This is a simple way to care for your physical self that won’t cut into your holiday fun.

2. Stay active.

Even if sticking to your regular fitness routine is difficult, make sure you are finding ways to move throughout your day. Go for a walk! Run up and down the stairs! Take a stretching break! Just because you are busy is no excuse for staying put.

3. Wash your hands.

Use hand sanitizer, but even more important is washing your hands regularly with soap and water. It removes germs and viruses even more effectively. Get in the habit of washing your hands, and avoid using your hands to touch your face to avoid illness and keep healthy through the holidays.

4. Get  your rest.

Do your best to get the sleep you need so you can tackle these busy days with energy. If you stay up later than you usually do and are feeling tired, make some time for a quick rest or nap in the afternoon. You will feel more upbeat and energized and be able to actually enjoy the celebrations.

5. Balance your sugar intake.

I’m not going to tell you not to eat the Christmas cookies or drink the wine. It’s Christmas, after all! Enjoy it! But indulge thoughtfully and choose treats you truly will enjoy instead of just eating everything that comes your way (a lot will come your way).

6. Take a break.

Look for a way to insert some quiet into your days. Turn down the noise sometimes and indulge in some silence. Your stress levels will decrease and you will feel refreshed and ready for all the Christmas crazy afterwards.

7. Be aware of your body.

Are you hungry? Tired? Take care of yourself the same way you care for your kids, being in tune with your most basic needs. Make it a habit to check in with yourself regularly and give yourself what you need.

One last thing you can do for your health is try to diminish stress. This is a huge topic that I addressed a couple weeks ago. Check out my tips to stay mentally healthy through the holidays here. 

I also share feedback from listener Amy, who asks about getting back into exercising after pregnancy.

Snippet from the show

In the Church, we have feasts and we have fasting. As human beings, we are built for that. It is good for us. Christmas holidays are a time of feasting, but that doesn’t mean you must feast every moment of every day.




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