How to Share the Faith BOLDLY

Mike and Dave give practical advice about how to get over that awkward feeling and share the Faith BOLDLY.

Telling someone the good news about Jesus isn’t hard … if you really, truly believe it. You’re not imposing your arbitrary morality and spirituality on someone, you are proposing to them the truth of God’s love for them and their elevated status as creatures made in the image and likeness of God.

Like Mike says:

“If you discovered the cure to cancer, and you kept it to yourself–you would be a monster …We have even greater news, but so often we keep it quiet.”

Mike also gives solid advice to a listener who asks about how to talk to her husband, who is a Muslim, about Christianity.

Check out the shownotes for practical tips on how to be BOLD when you share the Faith.


How do I Share the Faith with a Muslim family member?

  1. A non-Trinitarian theology is not substantial enough. To have love you need to love something and the Trinity is the expression of God’s love and proves he is just.
  2. If Jesus rose from the dead, he must be God (not just a prophet) and we really need to follow him.
  3. Be aware of people’s personal issues when evangelizing and sharing their stories.

How to Be Bold in Evangelization:

  1. Put your faith in Christ alone and in his gospel and you will have boldness.
  2. God always honors his promises and there is power in the word of God.
  3. Acts 4:27-31 –  “For truly in this city there were gathered together against thy holy servant Jesus, whom thou didst anoint, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel, to do whatever thy hand and thy plan had predestined to take place. And now, Lord, look upon their threats, and grant to thy servants to speak thy word with all boldness, while thou stretchest out thy hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of thy holy servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with boldness.”
  4. Ephesians 3:7-13 – Of this gospel I was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace which was given me by the working of his power. To me, though I am the very least of all the saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make all men see what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things; that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places. This was according to the eternal purpose which he has realized in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and confidence of access through our faith in him. So I ask you not to lose heart over what I am suffering for you, which is your glory.

Dave’s Practical Tips for Evangelizing Boldly:

  1. Make sure your evangelization comes from a daily consistent prayer life.
  2. Ask the Lord for discernment, pray for it every day and rely on the Holy Spirit to form your evangelization.
  3. Continually bathe yourself in the gospel message so that you are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and not the gospel of yourself.

Mike’s Practical Tips for Evangelizing Boldly:

  1. You have to be bold in how your parish is constructed to welcome non-believers and the questioning. You need to start investing in people who are not members of your church yet.
  2. Preach boldly from the pulpit and in conversations. Challenge people in homilies. Carve out times for people to come and talk.

5 Practical Tips:

  1. Pray for Boldness.
  2. Read Acts 4 and journal as you read it.
  3. Pray that God will set up a Divine Appointment this week.
  4. Have a book on hand to give out as a resource.
  5. Share some form of the gospel with a stranger.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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