How to Do Difficult Things

I was inspired to take on this topic by my recent reading of Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins. (I did not finish reading because of the insane levels of foul language, so I do not necessarily recommend it!). In it, the author tells his life story of overcoming many obstacles and accomplishing great things. 

In my reading, I found myself agreeing that many of us can do hard things—sometimes much harder things than we think we can—but I was bothered that God seemed to be left out of the equation. And so I thought we might talk about how to do difficult things, why we do them, and how God is part of that process.

Snippet from the Show

Some of the greatest things that we can do happen in the quiet places … in the hearts of our homes, in the midst of our families, in the hearts of our relationships. 


1. You have already done hard things.

I know you can do hard things because you have already done some: going to college, getting married, having children, working a job, buying a house, etc. 

I know you can do hard things. Sometimes, though, we need someone to say that out loud so we can recognize what we are capable of.

2. Break down hard things into smaller steps.

Do you want to run a marathon? Start with just a couple of miles. Do you want to write a book? Start with one chapter at a time. Make a daunting tasks into much smaller, more do-able tasks and then … get started!

3. Check in with someone.

For many of us, this would be a loving friend or our spouse—someone who knows us and can remind us of why we set the goal in the first place, and that we are strong enough to accomplish it. You are going to have weaker moments on the way to your hard things. Find a source of encouragement and support before you even start.

4. Rely on God.

It is only by the grace of God that any of us can accomplish anything in our lives—let alone something hard! Figure out what hard things God might be calling you to through prayer, and then turn to God for the strength you need to do them.

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