How to Cope with Hard Change

This week we are talking about seasons of change in motherhood, and how we can best cope with them. Whether you are sending a child off to college or to kindergarten, moving into a new neighborhood or starting a new job, change can be a challenging thing to cope with. 

Snippet from the Show

“A change may be hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The more we focus on our gratitude, the more we can see the positives of that change.”


1. Let yourself feel the feelings.

Don’t “stuff” your feelings, but allow yourself to feel them. Be honest about the fact that when a child moves out, there are parts of that change that are a loss to you, and it hurts.

2. But don’t “sit down” in there.

Do not wallow in your feelings. Make sure you know that your thoughts are the boss of your feelings. In other words, you cannot control how you feel, but you can control how you think and act on those feelings.

3. Be gentle with yourself.

Build margin into your days, let go of some more demanding things in your life and in your schedule to allow yourself the time and energy you need to make this transition.

(Here is the homeschooling book I mentioned in this part : Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie)

4. Start something new.

Think of a new habit you might like to begin and attach it to this time of change. Look for ways that this time of transition might be an opportunity for new, positive things in your life.

5. Give thanks.

So many of the changes we struggle with are also enormous blessings. Remember to pause and give thanks for your children, for your motherhood, for your home and family, even as you struggle with changes inside of those relationships.

This week, I also share feedback from listeners Lillian and Jenay, and I answer a question from Taylor about vaccines.



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  1. Hi Danielle. I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts in the background as work in my parish position. In general, Ascension podcasts are keeping me balanced in my spiritual life as the demands of parish work sometimes makes me forget the need for prayer. I have recently been transitioning through a hard change in my work life and you are so right in what you have said in this podcast. We have to feel our feelings, but not wallow in them or be rash in doing things out of these feelings. When I feel my feelings and process them with God’s help, I find that is when God speaks most clearly to me. He hits me in my heart, not my head.


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