How to Be Reverent Like the Magi

Imagine being one of the magi. Who were these men? What were they searching for? Dr. Sri shares what we can learn from studying the three magi and their encounter of Jesus. He explains how an understanding of the magi can help in our own search for Jesus.

Snippet from the Show
Our hearts are the greatest gift we can offer to Jesus.


Matthew 2:11 – Reverence

In Matthew 2:11, it says that when the magi found Jesus, they prostrated themselves and did him homage. Prostration was common to do for a king. Homage was associated with divine worship. The use of these two words reveals that the magi saw Jesus both as king and God. 

What the magi do is the attitude we should have when we approach Jesus in the Eucharist. We need to fall down and worship. 

  1. Perhaps, we do not lay flat on the ground, but we need to show some sort of reverence. In the United States, we are invited to bow or genuflect right before we receive Communion.
  2. Another way to show reverence is on our drive to church. We should come rejoicing as we arrive at church. Show Jesus gratitude and excitement as you come to Mass.
  3. Enter Church with reverence. When we enter the sanctuary, it is good to remember that this is holy ground. We ought to genuflect and bless ourselves with Holy Water. Our churches are the house of the king and we ought to fall on our knees before him.
  4. Finally, the magi brought Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts represented his kingship, divinity, and humanity. They reveal who Christ is. He also deserves our thanks and reverence. We too need to bring gifts to Jesus. We can offer him our hearts, our praise, and our thanksgiving. 
Council of Trent Quotation

“For in this sacrament we believe that the same God is present whom the eternal Father brought into the world…It is the same God whom the Magi fell down and worshiped.” 

St. Gregory Nazianzen

St. Gregory Nazanzen said that the gifts of our hearts in praise and thanksgiving would be “spiritual gifts more sublime than those which can be seen with eyes.”

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