Holding Hands During the Our Father, Loss of Zeal, and Rap

Fr. Josh answers questions about holding hands when we say the Our Father during Mass, what to do about a dry spiritual life, and whether it’s possible to reconcile a love of rap and a religious vocation.

Snippet from the Show

“Holding hands is not a required posture during Mass. The only thing required in the GIRM is that we’re standing during the Our Father.”


Glory Story (2:32)

Listener Feedback (9:50) 

Holding Hands During the Our Father (12:10)

What’s up with holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer? I don’t see anything wrong with it but question why people do it to begin with. What’s the history behind this and what does the Church say about it? 


Loss of Zeal (18:20)

I recently found your podcast and I love listening to it as it is down to earth and practical. I’m a young religious sister recently professed (1 yr). Since my profession, I have been in a desert period and I’m tired of being in this place. I want to regain the zeal I once had to spread the love of Christ. How can I overcome this? 


Rap (27:35) 

Hi Fr. Josh, I am a Ghanaian from West Africa, the motherland. I am graduating from the university this year and I hope to join the Franciscan conventuals next year. I love rap music and I myself can write raps but I fear it will be a hinderance to my vocation as I love both my vocation and rap music so much. Please I need your advice on what to do. Thank you so much.



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  1. Thank you Father your response, in ‘loss of zeal’ spoke to me. One of my impactful memories is of my youngest son who I adore, asking me during mass one Sunday, if I loved God more than him. I responded ‘yes’ in faith. My son now some twenty years later is estranged from me which breaks my heart beyond measure. I have anguished over this and given the broken relationship to God praying for healing. I pray for our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Monica’s intercession and now I wait (sometimes impatiently). Your response to ‘LoZ’ made me realize that God may be working to remind ME that I love Him more than the relationships that He has given me. Praise God, God bless both of my sons. Thanking God and you for the insight. Love & Prayers A


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