7 Ways to Live More Simply

Do you long for a simpler way of living? Many of us have a restless sense in our hearts that life could be simpler and we could be happier, but how? This week, I’m offering seven ideas for ways to simplify even a very busy and complicated life.

Today’s Tips
  1. De-clutter!

Find a spot in your kitchen, your living room, or your bedroom (closets, anyone?) and get rid of unnecessary stuff.

  1. Stop shopping

Plan ahead and make fewer trips to the store.

  1. Limit media

Set limits on when, where, and how you will use your phone, TV, etc.

  1. Think through your systems

Create routines for laundry, errands, meal times, kitchen clean-up, etc. that can streamline your work.

  1. Stop thinking about MORE.

Think about having ENOUGH instead.

  1. Make room for creativity

Do something creative with your time and come away feeling connected to yourself and to your Creator

  1. See fewer ads

Pay attention to advertising you’re exposed to, and take measures to reduce its influence.


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